Karla Sanders

Be the Bison


Be the BIson


Here my love affair with the bison continues; I painted this portrait and later wrote the poem below, a reflection of the strength I see in this magnificent creature. Nature is full of metaphor. There is great wisdom in observing the patterns our world, and I find that even a rock has something to teach.

This piece is dedicated to The Buffalo Field Campaign.

You do not have to be the hard Earth

Orbiting in a cold void

cracked and yearning for a distant million stars

You do not have to seek courage

in the crevices of every cliff you climb

It lives in your bones

in the whisper of your breath

when you wake you are brave already

Let yourself exist in the currents of life

Whatever rock you hold

don’t let it go

simply let it be

Be the moon rising again and again

A soft glow demanding nothing

Yet pulling tides to and fro

Be the bison who endures a thousand wrongs

yet moves forever on

You are strong enough today

Don’t hold onto a hundred feathers

Let them go

and be the swallow

  • An alternate ending for this poem reads as follows:

    Don’t hold onto one hundred thorns

    Let them go

    and be the rose.