Karla Sanders

Lights we Hold


Lights we hold


A personal piece partially inspired by an experience in Parque Tayrona, Colombia on the Caribbean Sea, while staying in an isolated hut with family. The sea was rough there and one night a sailboat pulled into the small bay not far from our location, probably to wait out the wilder waves beyond. After experiencing that sea in a rickety fishing boat we knew first-hand the terrifying power of nature.

All around was dark save for our own lights and the boat’s bobbing light in the distance. I can still see it clearly before me and the thought coupled with this vision remains as crisp. What’s the story of this boat, who are these people and what is it like to sail those rough waters out there? It was a mysterious sensation being in a dark wilderness area and that far off light somehow gave me comfort. Not even knowing those people but knowing they were there also looking for a peaceful place to stay connected us.

For that one night we were neighbors. In our lives, we need these lights and we need to be these lights. It doesn’t matter the cultural divide, we are neighbors. How can I say that amidst tragedy and raging wars? Not everyone has a pure intention, we can’t trust everybody, but we also can’t let fear build walls too high to bridge. Move cautiously through the world but don’t let the world steal your light.