Karla Sanders





A look at mental toughness and the concept of sisu. Are you mentally tough? This is the title of an article by Scientific American sharing ideas on the mind’s strength and sisu - a Finnish phrase - the fierce courage and self determination to overcome adversity and look beyond our limitations.

Our greatest enemy is our own mind. It tells us we’re too tired, too hungry, too sad, too broke, too this or that to go after our greater potential. We become complacent with thoughts that weaken us and make us fearful of many things. We make excuses for our shortcomings, placing the blame on others or life circumstances.

Maybe you are going through a really difficulty situation, but you can either let it define you, or you can find a solution for yourself. The point is to tell yourself a different story, become fierce, kind but fierce, and never stop pushing that boundary. You only need to look at the resilience of nature for inspiration.

This piece is the imagining of mental toughness; like the hawk who dives again and again, you can adopt that perseverance too and develop a strong and focused mind. Let your purpose fuel you and push you forward, regardless of what the other birds are doing around you.