Karla Sanders

Synchronicity Part I


Synchronicity part I

Digital illustration / painting, 24” x 36” -

Digital illustration / painting, 24” x 36” -


This three part series celebrates the mystery of life; synchronicity, meaningful coincidence, or improbable events tied together. This is the first of a three part poem and illustration series capturing a long journey beginning at a steel company.

The first time I met him
I was surrounded by gray
an Ohio winter
and tons of steel
there at the warehouse
Recep came grinning
the girls and I
we called him Re-s-ep
not knowing better
he came in his 1970s green truck
hauling steel
lines cut deep into his face
with more stories to tell
than the lines of steel
cutting behind me

Recep from Turkey?
Recep from New York
or so I recall
we interviewed him
he offered to buy me M&M’s
but of course
don’t accept candy from strangers
or so my elders told me
“Come to my island”
not far from Turkey
he said
We only laughed
In those days
it was a world away
And soon he left my mind
He was just another truck
hauling steel

And I had other places to go