Karla Sanders

Synchronicity Part II


synchronicity part II

Digital illustration / painting, 24” x 36” -

Digital illustration / painting, 24” x 36” -


The next time I met him
I was 1,500 miles away
there on a border
I stood in the Rio Grande
a few yards away
he sang
his feet planted in Mexico
his net cast a wider note
but all he could catch
a bit of hope
as the sun lowered
between us
only air, currents
his voice echoed
down Santa Elena
I listened
from America

A desert heat
drifted on that river
the moving border
revealed movement
there in the middle
an island
lodged between
two silent nations
from it
a bird flitted up
and down
which side to choose
the turbulent south
or the unyielding north?
Stay on your island
I told the bird

and he turned to me