Karla Sanders

Synchronicity Part III


synchronicity PART III

Digital illustration / painting, 24” x 36” -

Digital illustration / painting, 24” x 36” -


How could I know
that bird,
he would send to me
7,000 feathers
one for every mile
in hands stained blue
from the deep canyon
timid wings grew
that bird,
he said to me
there over the sea
something is waiting
for you
how could I say goodbye
to the well worn path
that southern horizon
forever silenced

so I turned into the flow
that salt kissed wind
let it carry me
7,000 miles east
until I saw an island
and then I knew
every winged companion
the man from the steel yard
that man,
who sang to me
he sat now before me
silently debating
his view
the meaning of synchronicity
we met from the past
the old man now wizened
his dream realized

in a city by the sea