Karla Sanders

The Last Stand


the last stand


This is the story of an ancient forest in the hands of our modern times, as told in the Sierra Club magazine’s article “Germany Has a Major Dirty Coal, and Climate, Problem”. The Hambach forest in western Germany is home to over 142 species significant to conservation, and the last remnant of a sylvan ecosystem that has existed there since the last ice age.

Of its original 4000 acres, 10% is left, and protesters have lived in tree houses to protect the last stand. Thanks to a small endangered bat, further logging for the mine has been ordered by the courts to stop, but for how long?

I drew from my German roots and love of German fairytales to imagine the scene you see here; but all stories have varying shades of color; good and evil do not exist on opposite sides, but are layered and mixed. Who is really the witch in this story; is it industry, the state, the state of society, or me? We are all consumers of the forest and the reason for their felling to industry. The silver linings in this tale are the unsung heroes who take a stand in the last stand.