Karla Sanders

The Last Stand II


the last stand II


This is a second version of the story “Germany Has a Major Dirty Coal, and Climate, Problem” as told in the Sierra Club magazine. This article inspired me to illustrate two pieces which I named The Last Stand (I & II). The Hambach forest in western Germany is home to over 142 species significant to conservation, and the last remnant of a sylvan ecosystem that has existed there since the last ice age.

Of its original 4000 acres, 10% is left, and protesters have lived in tree houses to protect the last stand. Thanks to a small endangered bat, further logging for the mine has been ordered by the courts to stop, but for how long?

In this version of the story, I imagined the last tree standing beneath the imposing grip of industry. Perhaps the bat is saving Hansel and Gretel, well-known German characters, and vanishing with the biodiversity of the forest. Of course I had to give a nod to the most famous hour in all fairytales - midnight - as the time is running out.