Karla Sanders

Two Turtle Doves


Two turtle doves


Embedded in this piece is a mystery and a love story. At the surface it is a tale about illegal dove hunting on the island of Cyprus, and deeper within lives a memory as told to me by two little birds. I share it here. We must hold nature in our hands, for we are nature, and to destroy it is to destroy ourselves. This piece is dedicated to The Society for the Protection of Birds and Nature.

Soft tears fell from the sky

they vanished upon my smile

when you arrived to whisk me away

We swam into the golden hour

the time when sun and horizon linger close

Behind us a silky veil of violet washed in blue

feathered down from the heavens

and washed the weary feet of Cyprus

We turned our faces into the light

seduced by a wonder before our eyes

for which there are no words

only sensations felt within

There by your side

I bathed in the glory of that hour

felt the clouds lift me up

and your presence bring me back

There, a yin and yang

Your arm brushed against mine

and your warmth filled my beating heart

Or was it the ball of fire descending

into a sea softened by dusk

Or are you one and the same

A sun to my moon

The light on a dusty horizon

We shared a perfect moment in time

when nature pulls out her brush

color falls from heaven

A painting just for us

and I felt so grateful to feel you

there by my side